Who Am I?

And why am I blogging?

Shove over Yummy Mummys and Mummy Bloggers, you've got more than enough online and media airtime. This is what's coming next!

Those gorgeous girls who just wanted to have fun in the 80s are now middle-aged women dancing their way into menopause only no one's talking about it! Well, not much in Australia anyway. And it's about time we did. It's not pretty, it's not much fun, and it sure isn't sexy, but like death and taxes, it's inevitable so we might as well drag it into the spotlight and have a good old look at it (hah! old! see what I did there?)

First a bit about me so you know what you're getting here and can't say you weren't warned: I'm 49, Australian, a mother, a partner, an atheist, and I run my own small business in medical trancription.  And I'm pretty definitely perimenopausal.

I have no idea how long this state of affairs will go on for nor how long I'll be wandering in the wilds of Mount Menopause, but the idea is to write about menopausalish (what? of course it's a word!) stuff as and when it occurs to me. I'm not a doctor, I have no medical expertise (although I do work in the medical field), and am just an ordinary woman about to take the Women's Weekly World Discovery Tour no one wants to go on - to menopause and beyond. And guess what? You're coming with me!